Property Management

H3 Capital, LLC is a premier property management service for all your investments, offering over 30 years of combined experience in multi-family and residential property management. We want to partner with you to remove the aggravation and hassle of managing your own properties. Let us increase your revenues while reducing expenses, and help protect you from loss. Our award-winning team will maximize your investment by evaluating assets, current market rent, preventative maintenance, customer satisfaction, net operating income and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does H3 Capital offer maintenance and repairs for my properties?

Yes, we have a network of great contractors that do fast work inexpensively.

How can H3 decrease vacancies?

H3 has proven methods and strategies that the large apartment complexes use for quicker turns and speedy tenant placement. We average a 95% and above occupancy rate.

What does H3 do to collect late rents?

H3 has found that leaving phone messages is not very efficient to collect past due rents. Our "5 Star" collection system is a proven strategy to get delinquent rents paid in a timely manner.

How does H3 increase revenues?

H3’s staff is highly trained to maximize rents, but we also have other methods of generating revenue and cutting costs to increase cash flow.

Other ways we can make your life easier as a real estate investor:

  • 24-7 Emergency Service
  • Monthly Statements
  • Funds Transferred Directly into your Bank Account
  • Access your H3 Account from your Computer
  • We Accept Debit Cards, ACH Payments, and Credit Cards from Tenants
H3 Capital Real Estate, LLC

Let the H3 team of professionals locate high quality, reliable tenants for your investment properties utilizing our ASAP program:

H3 Capital Real Estate, LLC

H3 Capital markets properties via the Internet, online classifieds, major search engines and traditional advertising methods. These methods include Yellow Book, SBC Yellow Pages, signage and print media ads. In addition, our close relationships with local newspapers, chamber of commerce, colleges and Scott Air Force Base provide us with additional promotional opportunities.

H3 Capital Real Estate, LLC

H3 Capital views tenant selection as one of the most important services provided to our client investors. Each prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed application. From that, we obtain their credit score and history, verify rental and/or ownership history, references, employment, and income.

H3 Capital Real Estate, LLC

H3 Capital approves prospective tenants after all of the extensive safeguards are completed. Once accepted, the prospective tenant is required to sign a lease, compliant with all local and state laws, and provide a security deposit.

H3 Capital Real Estate, LLC

H3 Capital’s approved tenants are provided with a list of tenant services and a checklist of any policies, procedures and/or requirements of the property. In addition, he/she is provided with an instruction letter, outlining the expectations of H3 Capital and our client investors regarding payment method and care for the property. Finally, prior to moving in, the tenant is given an inspection of the property.